adinadent website

AdinaDent Project

We worked on the entire website from the design to the video to help our client get an online presence and make it more easier for the patients of the practice to find the dental practice.

Hero Section


We used the hero section to highlight the practices information and the ways people can schedule an appointment or contact the dental practice. We made it more human friendly using icons to get the attentions of the users and symbolyse what each information means.
We also taken into consideration the fact that some of the patients or future patients might be a bit older or not very computer savy. That is why we created the hero section in this way.


We used icons to show what the dental practice can do for their patients. We also used a subheading to show how important the services are to enable the patients to smile with confidence.

We are going to finish this study case or this project exploration with this video, we created to help the patients of the practice to find easier the location. We use a map to animate the route by car and then tried to add important landmarks from the practice location so people can find it comparring to them.

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